Where I Stand

We are so fortunate to live in this province. It’s a place where a kid like me, from humble beginnings in Kamloops, can pursue higher education, raise a family, and give something back to their community.

But the good fortune we’ve enjoyed for so long isn’t guaranteed – and today NDP are putting it all at risk.

As Leader of the BC Liberals, I will ensure that every British Columbian has a fair shot at stability and success. I will ensure that together, and with hard work, we can protect our economy, our jobs, our families, communities, and environment.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Nothing exists in a vacuum. We can’t separate our economy from our environment – or job creation from social services, or rural needs from urban concerns. They are all connected. So where does government start? Under my leadership, we will focus on four priorities:


Security: Healthy people and safe communities. We cannot support a growing economy, community, or province when our most vulnerable citizens are being left behind. We must be willing to take bold action on issues from the opioid crisis to policing and justice. But security also means economic stability for our middle class. We need to ensure that we take steps to make life more affordable – that means keeping taxes and fees low, developing more affordable housing, and having a safe, efficient transportation network.

Opportunity: For everyone, across B.C. We must ensure that every British Columbian has the opportunity to reach their full potential. That starts with a strong basic education curriculum that provides our children with the foundation they need to succeed. It means that our post-secondary and apprenticeship programs are modern and world-class. It also means that we need to ensure that workers have the opportunity throughout their career to advance their skills and adapt to a changing economy.

Prosperity: A strong private sector, and a skilled workforce. People should have stable jobs, and then better jobs following on the horizon. There should be a clear path forward for growing our families and communities, and that means government must keep B.C.’s economy competitive and prepare kids for the jobs of tomorrow. When we do this well, we share in the benefits – parents can put dinner on the table and government can support programs to make sure everyone gets their fair share.

Sustainability: Responsible resource development in a thriving natural environment. We depend on our resources to keep our economy humming. And we must vigorously defend our natural environment. We must remain mindful of the impact of over-regulation. One small change has a ripple effect that damages businesses and communities in every corner of the province.

I’m looking forward to introducing some specific ideas to British Columbians soon. Meantime, I want to hear your feedback.