Prosperity is the Foundation

We as BC Liberals know that prosperity is the foundation.

But John Horgan and the NDP are imitating the failed economic policies of the 1990s. Their first act upon taking power was to raise taxes—despite being left a substantial surplus. They have announced that they will increase regulations on business and make it more difficult to invest in our great province.  Simply put, they are making it harder to succeed in B.C.

I have a plan that I will put into place the minute we regain the confidence of voters and return to government in the next election. My goal is to make B.C. the BEST place in the world to do business. This means:


Another way to secure long lasting prosperity for British Columbia is to make sure government is small, streamlined, and not taking the place of the private sector. 

We need to take action to unleash the power of the private sector and ensure choice for British Columbians by encouraging competition and getting government out of certain parts of our economy.

These actions would include:

Prosper 2

I’m excited about our future.  Together we can make B.C. the best place in the world to do business.