Wilkinson to consult on using per-vote subsidy to fight electoral reform

VANCOUVER – During the televised BC Liberal leadership debate Andrew Wilkinson announced that if he is elected to lead the party, he will consult the party membership on devoting proceeds from the per-party subsidy imposed by the BC NDP government to fight the NDP/Green rigged referendum.

“I want to hear consensus on the idea of taking money that no taxpayer wanted to give to political parties and using it to fight the NDP’s rigged referendum that no one asked for,” said Wilkinson. “Furthermore, if I am fortunate enough to become the Premier of British Columbia, I will immediately end the taxpayer subsidization of political parties in B.C.”

Under a Wilkinson-led BC Liberal Party, funds from the per-party subsidy imposed by the NDP government could be earmarked to provide British Columbians the information they need to make a wise choice on the future of our democracy.

“The NDP/Green coalition devised this rigged referendum behind closed doors without any consultation with British Columbians,” Wilkinson continued. “As leader of the BC Liberal Party I am pledging to use every available resource to stand up for British Columbians and the stable democracy that has been in place for over 150 years.”

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