BC Liberal Leadership candidate Andrew Wilkinson releases fully costed platform

VICTORIA – Andrew Wilkinson released a fully costed platform aimed at bringing opportunity and prosperity for all of B.C.

“This fully costed platform is achievable within a first term of government under my leadership, and we can do it all within our means,” said Andrew.

Andrew’s platform is based on five key tenets: prosperity in every corner of B.C., healthy people, safe communities, sustainability, and opportunity.

Highlights include:

  • Making BC a leader in Next Generation industries
  • Reducing overdose deaths by 50% in two years
  • Modernizing family medicine with online appointments and prescription renewals
  • Embracing developer cost-sharing to fund major transit projects and increase housing supply
  • Making tutoring tax deductible for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 12
  • Initiating a pilot program for Junior Kindergarten

“A core principle of our party is that we don’t borrow from our children’s tomorrow to pay for our wants today,” said Andrew. “It’s easy in a campaign to travel the province and promise everything under the sun. The trouble comes when we’re in government and have to pay for all those promises, and the commitments voters were counting on get kicked down the road. I simply won’t do that to people who entrusted me with their votes.”

To view the platform in its entirety please visit www.andrewwilkinson.ca