BC Liberal Leadership candidate Andrew Wilkinson statement on Site C decision

VANCOUVER  – Andrew Wilkinson released the following statements responding to the NDP government’s approval of the Site C Clean Energy Project:

“Six months ago, a clean energy project to supply B.C. with renewable and affordable electricity for a hundred years was well underway, employing thousands of workers hard hit by the low price of oil, and supporting northeastern communities like Fort St. John.

And then the NDP became government.

They initiated a review process that provided few conclusions and no recommendations, and then dithered on Site C’s fate while thousands of workers wondered if they would be able to afford to buy presents for their kids this Christmas. The NDP was either unaware of or didn’t care about the pain that their ineffectual review process caused families.

While I’m relieved that the project is moving ahead, the NDP will not be getting a pat on the back from me. Six months of uncertainty has had no impact except to cast doubt amongst the world’s investors that B.C. is a good place to do business and create jobs.

British Columbians have every right to be outraged. Leopards do not change their spots, and the NDP is showing itself to be ineffective, costly, and incompetent just as they have proved themselves to be every time they have had a shot at governing. I urge British Columbians to work with the BC Liberal Party to reinstate good, stable government.”