The NDP's Stealth Campaign

The NDP are working to change British Columbia's democracy so they can take power from British Columbians.

They have three bills in front of the house that add up to a pretty dark package:

  1. Rigging the referendum on proportional representation to get the result they want
  2. Changing the election date – to give themselves 6 more months in power
  3. Funneling taxpayer money to their political war chest 


We are all proud to live in a province with amazing geographic and ethnic diversity. This is a BIG province – so big in fact, that if British Columbia was a country, it be the 30th largest country in the world.

We’re so big we have names for regions throughout the province. Why do they have names? Because they have unique traits, people and needs. Folks in the Cariboo are passionate about ranching; in the north coast it’s fishing. These are differences to honour and celebrate.

Yet we all have our common interests: Access to opportunity, the health and well-being of our families and a government that helps us when we need them. But as a society, we have come to expect our MLAs to be advocates for the uniqueness of each and every part of our province – and that only happens because they are part of the communities they represent.

The NDP wants to break the bond between you and your MLA.

In an act of blatant self-interest to cling to power, the NDP are attempting to force through an unprecedented and undemocratic referendum that would strip you from having direct access to your MLA while concentrating voting power in Metro Vancouver and southern Vancouver Island – the areas that the NDP performed best. There’s no doubt about it: The NDP are running a stealth campaign to punish voters throughout rural BC so they can win the next election. That should not and cannot happen.

I’m asking you to read the petition *below* and make your own mind up. If you agree with me, then please sign it. The only way we can protect the democracy that has served us so well for over 150 years is to stand up to those the people who are threatening it.


British Columbia’s current electoral system has been in operation for over 150 years;

  • This first-past-the-post system has provided for stable, representative government that has protected the interests of all parts of the province;
  • Any change to our current electoral system would significantly alter the longstanding relationship between MLAs and constituents;
  • The Canadian standard for fundamental changes to how we vote and amend our constitution has required agreement of a super-majority of provinces;
  • Previous referendums on our electoral system in BC have reflected that standard – meaning that no changes to our electoral system could be made without the support broad support of British Columbians in each and every riding;
  • Questions posed to the public on electoral change should be drafted by an independent body – not by the Premier of British Columbia and his cabinet who could benefit from the changes they have proposed;
  • The proposed referendum is scheduled to take place by mail-in ballot in 2018 – not at the next provincial general election, as previously practiced. Furthermore, the BC Attorney General has stated that no changes to BC’s electoral system would be implemented prior to July 2021 – since then, Government of BC has proposed to shift the next BC general election to October 2021.

We the undersigned, oppose the NDP plan to undermine our democratic system by conducting a referendum without the following:

  • An independent advisory body to draft the referendum question to be posed to the public on; 
  • The next provincial general election date and;
  • A voting formula that weighs each of British Columbia’s electoral ridings equally.

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